Although this one suffered a bit during the recovery effort, it is the only neon sign to have hung above the bar. (See the red circles in the picture, indicating the areas of damage). The message reads: "RUSTY'S SEAFOOD BAR". If your name is RUSTY, or if you know someone named RUSTY, or if you like SEAFOOD, or BARS... this one might be for YOU!

NEON SIGN - (damaged, but cool)



    This auction event is being conducted both online and offline. Bids are open to all buyers, and all bidding, both online and offline, will end on September 1, 2019 at 3pm PST. Once the bidding is closed, the highest bidders will be contacted directly to arrange payment and delivery of signs. Signs will be available for pickup in Sacramento, CA, otherwise, shipping charges will be in addition to the winning bid amount. All proceeds will be divided equally between Stanford Youth Solutions + Sierra Forever Families and The Potter's House